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Here's a little something about me.....

I am a true Midwestern gal.  I still live about 6 miles away from where I was born and raised in between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.   I grew up with older brothers and no sisters so I have always been trying to do what the boys do therefore I'm constantly tagging along with my hubby whitetail deer hunting, turkey hunting, bird hunting and fishing.  My favorite shoes are my cowboy boots or even better going barefoot, yes my feet get really dirty in the summertime.

I work for a big ag company, hence I get to do some traveling for work (the real job).  My family have been farmers for as far back as I can remember and farther.  The agriculture community is amazing and I have learned a lot over the years, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I used to think I wanted to climb the corporate ladder and then I would finally be something/someone important.  Well guess what?  I already am important but it took a major health crisis for me to realize that. Sad!
I a wife, step-mother to 3 adult's, sister, aunt, daughter, beagle owner, cat lover, chicken raising, garden growing 40 something.  Once I became a step mom in 1996 I also became known as SheShe.  The youngest daughter could not pronounce Sheila and what came out was SheShe.  It's stuck and everyone who knows me well calls me SheShe.
My Husband and his 3 amazing children.
This blog is the journey of my life and what I've learned about being Gluten and Dairy Free, dealing with multiple Auto-Immune Diseases and getting back to a real food lifestyle.  I love creating new things and sharing them with those that I love.  My life has taught me that we need to educate ourselves as much as possible, ask more questions, stand up for what you believe in but first and foremost be kind to one another.  I've dealt with psoriasis, hypothyroidism, clinical depression and a Lupus scare during my years on this earth.   I envy those who do not take daily prescription meds and don't often go to the doctor.  But I am grateful for the medicine, it is something I need in my life at this time.

My goal is to enlighten each of you about what I've learned over the years and I pray you enjoy following me on my journey.  Look for me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Prayers and Blessings!

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