Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Living Forward Book Launch

Hello All!

I wanted to share some exciting news with all of you!

Currently I'm on the book launch team for Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy's new book "Living Forward - A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want". 
This amazing book is all about creating a life plan and I must embarrassingly admit that I have been drifting thru my life for a while now.  This book helps us all understand what "drifting" is and how to begin your life plan with the "End" in mind.  I have had so many emotions stirred up while reading this book and going thru the exercises.  It's been a great practice, not always easy but I can absolutely see the end results will be completely worth the effort.  I've always been one of those people who wanted more out of life but wasn't entirely sure how to get it or what the next step might be.  Living Forward is helping me define these areas of my life and give my a route to follow.  So if you are tired of just letting life happen and you are ready to give some direction to your life this book is for you. 

First off, you begin with your Eulogy,  that's right, you truly start with the end in mind.  How do you want your legacy remembered?  Then you will go thru finding out what's truly important to you in your life and you will figure out just how much of your time you've devoted to those items and if other areas of your life are suffering.  Once you evaluated your current life you determine what changes you will make to start living a life that has a plan to it instead of just floating along and letting life happen to you. 

Now, if you decide to pre-order the book, which you will because it's just that good, you also are eligible for over $360 worth of bonus materials:  one free copy of the audio book, admission to the live online launch event on March 1st, a detailed action plan guide, the living forward quick start audio training and a complete library of life planning templates.  These extras are only available thru Feb 29, 2016. 

This book can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now or you can order it thru the attached link below. Remember, when you pre-order a book on Amazon you are guaranteed the lowest price.  This book ships March 1st so it will be here before you know it.  

Follow this link to find out more about "Living Forward - A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want". http://livingforwardbook.com/

Be kind, love often, and live well. 


Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Musings - Treats

Monday Musings - Treats

If you or someone you know has ever needed to follow a special diet then you can empathize with those of us who have restrictions on our daily food intakes.
Most of us remember what it was like to consume an ice cream cone and feel no ill affects afterwards.
Pizza, Cake, Donuts, Ice Cream.... mmmmm tasty food items for sure but for those of us following specialty diets for health reasons, the items listed above cannot be classified as treats to us if they make us ill.

I've been to Birthday celebrations where people have been "cake pushers".  "Oh you can have a little treat, you deserve it."  Exasperated by this comment I simply smile and thank them graciously and remove myself from their constant cake pushing behavior.  Sometimes I've even had the same person bring me a piece of cake after I've refused telling me that " You know you want some."  Indeed I do know that I would love to partake in the cake but it's not in my best interests.
As you all know I'm gluten free, not because I'm celiac (not yet anyway) but because I have multiple auto immune conditions and refraining from gluten keeps those conditions on the back burner.  Some completely go into remission and others only have a slight nagging presence. 
These so called "treats" will put my health at risk.  I'm not asking anyone to understand the science of my decision but you can at least respect it. 

There was even a time before I understood completely how gluten affected me when I would treat myself with deep dish pizza from our favorite pizza joint.  What an idiot I was!  This was no TREAT.  The cheese bloated me and gave me cramping you can't imagine and the gluten, well the gluten would keep me in the bathroom for days.  Some treat!
I even had myself convinced that I had "deserved" these so called treats.  "I've had a bad day at work, I deserve pizza."  "I'm traveling and eating gluten free can be hard so I'll grab this pizza slice in the airport and I'll do better when I get home." 

Here's what I've learned from my ability to rationalize just about anything:
  1.  As my mother would say "If you got what you deserved you probably wouldn't like it."  This phrase has stuck with me thru my entire life.  In fact I don't even tell people who have done a lot of hard work on something that they deserve the praise, attention, etc.  I tell people that they earned it. "Way to go Mary, all that hard work has really paid off.  You really earned that promotion."  To me the word deserve implies entitlement,.  But the word earned implies effort and fortitude. So for me treats cannot fall into the category of being deserved
  2. Anything that makes you sick after consuming it is not a TREAT!  Stop kidding yourself and realize that in order to be the best YOU that you may need to do things differently than other people.  And that's OK!  A true treat for me would be a gluten free chocolate cake with a scoop of coconut ice cream.  

So for all you folks who can eat anything and not feel ill afterwards, I admire your stomachs of steel and your fully functioning immune systems.  But don't encourage me to make myself sick by eating what you're pushing because sometimes my will power isn't strong enough to resist the temptation. And you don't have to be sorry that you brought cake for someones birthday and I can't have any.  Anyone that knows me knows I have a bar of dark chocolate in my purse for just such an occasion.  I won't be deprived my friends because this gal is prepared!

Be kind, love often, and live well.