Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Adrenal Fatigue Solution Book Review

My story...

Imagine if you will a 36 year old meeting with her OB/GYN to discuss some personal problems - depression, breaking into tears easily, easy to anger, super easy weight gain, no energy, no sex drive, sleeping all weekend and still tired on Monday, no desire to do much of anything and afraid that the next TV commercial will be the one with the big eyed, beautiful pets who need a loving adoptive home right away or they will meet their demise (you know the one) and it will send you into a fit of tears.  My work was suffering because I was attacking people for no reason ( verbally).  My husband was walking on eggshells around me because he didn't know what would set me off.  And to put a cherry on top of all that I had recently been told I now had another food sensitivity to gluten (the first was dairy).

Two years prior to this I took a new job in the company and began traveling every other week, working on mergers (stress),  trying to manage a now "part- time" relationship with my spouse because of the traveling (stress) my two oldest step children had enlisted in the Army National Guard and were being shipped to Iraq (major stress), and the ever struggle with money(stress, stress, stress).

The OB/GYN joked that now would be the time to have a child as it could reverse these symptoms of pre-menopause.  Uh, hello... that is not the reason to have a child. At my begging he ordered hormone tests which he didn't think I needed.  The tests resulted that I had a pretty good progesterone deficiency.  So he started me on a prescription, and right away I felt better, at least my mood was better.  He tested my thyroid again (the lovely TSH test) of course it said everything was normal because it usually did or was close enough to normal.  When I asked if my depression medicine should be changed I was referred back to my primary care physician, who increased my anti-depressant.

After a few months the OB/GYN tested my progesterone level again.  My progesterone was too high now.  Because of the side effects of too high progesterone he took me off of it and he was to find me a compounding pharmacy who could make me a pill that would be the right dosage.  3 weeks went by.  My mood became unbearable.  I called the Dr's office twice a week.  I wasn't allowed to talk to the Dr. There were no updates on the compounding pharmacy.  As time went on I quickly became extremely worse so my husband called the Dr's office, he couldn't speak to the Dr either.  Now it's been three weeks without any progesterone.  I know the signs of depression, I conquered them since the age of 14.  It was the Monday before Thanksgiving, I was on my way to work and I was crying my eyes out.  This time there had been no trigger other than I felt so bad I didn't want to live.  I called the OB/GYN office again and told them that I felt suicidal, they said to contact my primary Dr.  That hurt my heart so much that they didn't have time to help me that I started thinking I wasn't worth helping.  Then I called my mom and thru tears and sobs I explained to her that I was on my way to work because I had a meeting I simply couldn't miss (stupid, stupid, stupid) but when that was over I was probably going to check myself into the hospital for my depression.  She begged me to come back home (we live very close to each other) but I insisted I had to attend this call.  

After completing this so called important meeting a thought came to me, I'll go see my Chiropractor.  This woman has the most amazing energy.  She's warm and caring and full of positive vibes.  I knew she would help me because when I saw her last I told her about the Dr. removing the progesterone prescription and she thought that was odd to go cold turkey like that with hormones.  My goal was to consult her on my overall mood and behaviour and if she agreed then I would check myself into the hospital.  She took me in with no appointment, she let my cry, she held me, she dimmed the lights and put a warm blanket on me.  She did everything she could in her power which helped get me through the next few weeks, but the greatest thing she did for me was get me to the right Dr.  She saved my life.

You see, the Chiropractor thought it was Adrenal Fatigue, the new Dr. knew it was Adrenal Fatigue but the OB/GYN couldn't be bothered.

The diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue most definitely saved my life.  However there is no prescription that fixes your Adrenal Fatigue.  You see, it's a lifestyle change that heals you, with the help of some herbs and supplements.  

This is why I feel it is my duty to share with you a new eBook that I just read:  The Adrenal Fatigue Solution by Fawne Hansen and Dr. Eric Wood.

This comprehensive book takes you from the beginning, learning about your adrenals and their ever so important job in our bodies, to available testing options, the importance of diet, re-balancing your life, and helpful supplements.

This is the second book I've read on Adrenal Fatigue and it's hard to tell you just how helpful this book is for me.  Notice I say that it (is helpful) because this is a marathon not a sprint.  It probably took you years to get this current state your in and it's going to take time for your body to heal but it can be done.  With books like The Adrenal Fatigue Solution you learn how to identify the stresses of your life and what a toll stress and poor diet takes on your body.  When my MD told me it could take 2 years for me to heal I thought that was a lifetime away.  And it did take me a long time to heal.  In fact I would say that I'm still not completely healed but I am so much better.  

You see, I probably would've gotten better results if I had completely understood the impact stress has on your body.  I did EVERYTHING suggested by my Dr, all of what is suggested in the book, but I did not find a way to manage my stress.  In fact, it took another major health crisis earlier this year to help me understand just how wicked stress can be.  This book does a fantastic job of outlining how stress can literally kill you. 

My recommendations are to focus a lot of effort on the chapters of,  Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, What Causes Adrenal Fatigue, The Diet and  Restoring Balance to Your Life.  These chapters contain so much valuable information that it won't hurt to read them again or even better have your significant other read them as well.  Every chapter is truly valuable but these four will help you understand exactly how your body works, what the triggers are, how food heals and how to relax.   The rest of the book will turn you into a knowledgeable patient and a key player in your healing.  

I personally believe that it is imperative for you to find an M.D. who will work with you thru this time in your life.  They can order much needed tests to aid in your diagnosis and prescribe a prescription if it is truly needed.  What you will find is that most of these Dr's who understand Adrenal Fatigue avoid prescription drugs and focus on healing the whole body, not covering up the symptoms.

You'll notice that the list of symptoms are long for adrenal fatigue, the beneficial supplements are many BUT there is help.   We don't have to suffer, and we are not alone.  

Click this link to get your copy of the book, The Adrenal Fatigue Solution .

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My dear friends, I beg of you to make yourself a priority, get the help you need, and start healing.  This is a beautiful life we've been given now go and get healthy so you can enjoy it.

In Healing,

PS.  I am receiving no financial or other means of compensation for my review of this book.  I only share what I believe is valuable and helpful to my readers.  Please use your own discretion and make your own opinion.