Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's happening in my world...

I've been struggling since last week on what to write for this weeks post.  I finally decided to show you a little bit of the "behind the scenes" of my real life.  Fasten your seat belts, it will be exciting.  (Joke)  I've been hesitant to share too much, mostly because I'm a huge introvert, but I just had the urge to talk some more about my chickens and now I have a platform for it.  (if you aren't chuckling then you need to be).

So if you've read my About page you'll know that I live in the middle of nowhere, and I love it here.  Because we live pretty remote I get to spend a lot of time with this guy.  He's also know as "the hubby" "the hubs" and "the hubster" and my best friend.  He means the world to me and has made so many of my dreams come true.  At this time we've been married 19 years and I am truly grateful for him.

 The next tidbit about me is that I love smoothies.  I have several recipes for them here and here and here.  I  usually have a smoothie every work day of the week.   Smoothies are great for me because I'm terrible at getting out of bed on time.  This is a big problem for me.  I love to sleep.  I've always been a good sleeper, at least until I turned 36 then it all went down hill from there and I've been working hard to get that quality back in my life.  Also I drive about 45 minutes to the office one way so I have plenty of time to enjoy some portable food.  My drive time has turned into my learning time, I'm either listening to podcasts or books and I took something that I despised and turned it into a positive.  Plus everyday is a new smoothie concoction.  Some are better than others but it's a great way for me to get some much needed veggies into my diet.

  Another thing that is keeping me busy is the finishing of our house.  We started building our house in 2006, moved in 2007 but it wasn't finished.  The awesome thing about this is that we've taken our time in selecting the items that get added to the house.  There are very few changes that we would make because of this benefit.  The bad thing about taking so long to finish is that everyone makes fun of us for living in an un-finished house.  Well guess what, jokes on you because I'm happy as a clam over here in the middle of nowhere.  Plus now I know how to lay tile, grout, stain woodwork, distress wood, build a raised bed, how to use a nail gun, etc, etc,

Next on the agenda at our house is the garden.  Here in the middle of Illinois we've had more rain than we've seen in years.  Therefore, the garden is overgrown with weeds.  In the above pictures you'll where I've been weed eating the garden just to find the plants.  You'll also see the yellowing leaves of the broccoli because of the copious amounts of rain we've received.  Also above is a loverly picture of myself showing how cute I am after a couple hours of weed eating and picking green beans.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  

One of new all time favorite additions to our little farm is our 17 hens and 2 roosters.  We raised chickens when I was a child and we also butchered them so I'm no "romantic" when it comes to these birds.  They are here for a purpose to provide amazingly good quality eggs and eventually meat to our family.  However, I never dreamed how much joy they would bring to my life.  Watching them brings so much joy to my day.  Plus my husband calls them my posse because when I'm outside they follow me everywhere.  Hey, everybody needs groupies.

In case chickens weren't enough we also have 4 beagles that protect us, the chickens and the garden.  I've only shown two here because I'm missing some pictures of the girls.  Beagles are by far my favorite dog.  They are so easy to train, they love kids, and they are just so darn lovable.  Plus their super cute.  I love the picture above of Remi's ears flapping in the breeze.  Those ears are adorable.

 This week I started Emily Schromm's 21-Day Superhero Challenge for the second time.  Here I am donning my perfect score t-shirt from the May challenge.  I'm a sucker for a t-shirt.  Emily has put together a great on line challenge that gives you not only exercises but food recommendations, a Facebook community, daily video encouragement and a daily check in to keep you accountable.
I loved her last challenge so much that I dedicated last weeks post to it and you can access that here.
Another great thing about Emily's workouts are the modifications for beginners or those of us recovering from a multitude of auto-immune craziness.  I can do her workouts and not feel miserable afterwords and still get some amazing movement completed.

Here's me at my workplace trying to see if I'd like to have a standing desk.  Yes I'm using reams of paper under my monitors and yes that is an old box from a printer precariously holding my keyboard and mouse.  Hey, it worked.  It was actually pretty comfortable.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make it work and cheap but I'm in no hurry.
And lastly some gorgeous zinnias cut from my garden.  Normally every year we plant a thick row of zinnias as the first row of the garden.  We did that this year but very few actually grew.  The rain has been hard on everything.  So this year I won't have huge vases of them like I usually do but I'm still enjoying each one that I can. 

So that's a little about my life.  It sure sounds like a lot when you write it all out but I still have time to read, sit on the porch and watch my chickens, pet the dogs, and cook meals for the hubs.  Overall it's a pretty good life that I've been given.  It's not without it's down times but even those times eventually turn into something good.  It's really all about perspective.

Have a great week my friends and if your looking for any particular recipe converted to a gluten free or paleo recipe I'd love to figure that out for you so leave me a comment below and I'll do my best.
Till next time,

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