Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4th of July Barbecue Ribs and Peekaboo Cake all Gluten Free

The 4th of July is an inspiring time of year.  Summer is in full swing.  The gardens are starting to give up some fruits for the labor you've given them and it's a great time to be with family and friends and celebrate our ability to live in a free country.

At this time of year I greatly appreciate our Armed Forces.  Especially all of my family members who have served over the years.  My step-son and step-daughter both volunteered and are serving in the Army National Guard.  Not something I would've have selected for them to do but I couldn't be prouder of their bravery.  They both spent a year in Iraq and would go back if called to do so.  Their bravery humbles me.  Then I think about all of the other young people who have volunteered to protect us and I am humbled again.

When both the kids came home from Iraq we had a huge Rib dinner at our house for close family members.  So anytime these patriotic holidays roll around I think about cooking Ribs.

Melt like Butta Dry Rub and Black Raspberry Barbecue Sauce are two amazing recipes that will help you celebrate Independence Day like a pro. In this post is a recipe for a Dry Rub which is so good you won't have to use barbecue sauce but I also included a yum yum yummy barbecue sauce recipe.    The ribs cook slow so you can do other things like enjoy your company while they are cooking.  If you cook them slow like I show you then you will have amazing ribs every time.

For dessert try my Black Raspberry Peekaboo Cake.  This cake can be made with your own freshly picked Black Raspberries or for simplicity you can buy pie filling.  Our farm has exploded in black raspberries this year so I'm using them in every recipe I can.  Other fruits that work well are Blackberries, and Cherries.   If you're going to buy pie filling just remember to make sure your pie filling is gluten free.

Have your friends bring the side dishes, light up some sparkles or watch the lightning bugs put on a show and enjoy the day.  Reflect on what you love about living in a free country and count your blessings.

Happy 4th of July!

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