Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mason Bar Company Tumblers - Get one now!

Ditch your plastic consumption - Go GLASS with the Mason Bar Companies 24 oz. Mason Jar Tumbler.    I had been looking at these glasses for a couple of months before purchasing some, then they had a sale, a great sale, so I ordered two.  I knew if I didn't order one for the hubby then he'd want one also and I was right.

Now don't get me wrong, I've loved and used my Starbucks sweat proof plastic tumblers a LOT!  But these days I'm working on removing plastic from my world.  It's my decision, if you want to use or prefer to use plastic then go for it, no judgement here.  

There tumblers are not sweat proof but they are so much more attractive than the plastic sweat proof tumblers.  They look a little rustic because they are the Ball brand mason jars and the lids and straw colors can be mixed and matched as you like.  I chose a simple gray color the first time around but my second order is coming in purple.  I can hardly wait.   The 24 oz tumbler fits perfectly in your car drink holders but for those of you super thirsty folks there is a 32 oz jar, it's just not straight up and down.  I'm very mobile so I like my glasses to be as well.

Another beautiful thing about this product is that you do not have to use the lids, they work just like an old fashioned mason jar for use as regular glasses.  You could buy enough to replace your everyday drink glasses if you like.  

Mason Bar Company has many sizes available - 8 oz - 12 oz - 16 oz regular mouth - 16 oz wide mouth - The 24 (my favorite) - and the 32 oz.  That covers just about everyone's needs.  They even now have bamboo lids which are beautiful but I haven't purchased any yet but it's on my list of things to do.  The bamboo lids are not just for the drink tumblers there are also bamboo lids for your mason jars you are using for storage.

If you were paying attention in my description above I commented that these jars are not sweat proof.  Well the Mason Bar Company has you covered there also.  They've created some beautiful leather cuffs to go around your tumblers.  They also have vinyl cuffs in solid colors and patterns.  They also sell the replacement bands if you aren't a person who can's food and don't have any laying around.  They've thought of everything.  

These tumblers would make wonderful wedding presents, anniversary presents, graduation presents, birthday presents or even a "just because" gift.  

Treat yourself,

BTW:  These are my own honest opinions.  I love this product and want the whole world to know.  Being an affiliate is just a bonus!

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