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Venison Meatloaf Muffins - Paleo - Gluten and Egg Free

Meatloaf is one of our all time favorite meals, especially now that I know how to make it Gluten Free and Paleo. Replacing the bread in my gluten free, paleo meatloaf has taken a lot of trial and error. (More error than success). We always make our meatloaf with ground venison. Our entire family hunts whitetail deer here in Illinois so we use a lot of vension meat in our homes.

Venison Meatloaf Muffins @

Now don't get all sad and weepy because we hunt deer. The deer in our area are highly overpopulated. In fact our family farm looses fields of crops year after year to the deer herd. I'm not joking. Plus the meat is very lean and good for you. So if you come to my house and you are getting served a dish with what looks like ground hamburger 99% of the time you will be eating ground venison. You've been warned. LOL
I love using my muffin (cupcake) pan for these because they cook in about 15 min and your meal is ready to go.

Raw meat doesn't look so great photographed does it?

Venison Meatloaf Muffins
2# of ground Venison meat (you can use all hamburger or a combo or ground pork or turkey)
1# of ground Hamburger (venison is lean and needs some fat added to it for moisture.)
2 Celery stalks - small diced (my secret ingredient - I love the slight crunch)
1 medium onion - chopped or diced
1 large garlic clove - diced
3 Tb Tomato Paste
1/4 Cup Coconut Flour
4 Chia Eggs
Coconut Sugar (optional)
2 - 12 cup muffin (cupcake) pans

Heat your oven to 350 degrees

Combine all the ingredients together except the Coconut sugar. Mix well. Using regular muffin pans (mine are 12 muffins to a pan and not non stick). Here is where I add the Coconut Sugar. This create a sweet dripping sauce after the meatballs are cooked that is absolutely devine poured back over the meat after baking. Sprinkle the coconut sugar into the bottom of each muffin well. This takes approximately 1/2 to 1 tsp of coconut sugar.

You do not need to add any oil to the muffin pans as the fat from the hamburger will keep them form sticking.

Now make your mini meatloafs by either rolling them in your hands or using an ice cream scoop. Do not overfill your muffin wells. If you overfill them the grease will spill over making a real mess in your stove. (I know from experience) Add your meatloaf mixture to each of the muffin wells. You should need 2 muffin tins and have 24 mini meatloaves when completed.

If you are a ketchup person nows the time to add a little ketchup to the top of your meatloaves. I do not use ketchup if I am using coconut sugar on the bottom. This time I made a pan with coconut sugar and a pan with ketchup.
Add Ketcup either before or after baking, it's up to you.

Bake for 14-18 minutes at 350 degrees. The meatloaf muffins will be golden brown and the fat from the hamburger should be bubbling. Remove the muffin tins from the over and allow to cool about 10 minutes before serving.

These meatloaf muffins are just as good the next day as left overs.

This recipe can also be made in a standard loaf pan if desired it just takes longer to bake (about an hour). The beauty of using the muffin pans is the speed in which they cook and are ready to eat.

Severe these beauties up on some mashed potatos or same "faux potatos" (mashed cauliflower would be yummy) and drizzle the coconut sugar drippings over your plate and enjoy!

 I hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

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