Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Love

I love Summer.  

I spend as much time outside as possible so its hard for me to justify spending a lot of time in the kitchen creating new recipes.  So if i t ain't broke, don't fix it.  Below are some pictures of recipes I have gotten from other fantastic blogs.  Some are recipes that I have expanded on or tweaked to meet my creative or dietary needs.  :)  I really am loving my Paleo diet lifestyle.  I truly don't even miss break of pasta anymore at all.  Not to say that it wasn't tough to get over the starchy, sugary, serotonin laden hold they had over me.  It was tough.  But I am soooooo much healthier and feel soooooo much better eating a Paleo diet. 
In all of the recipes that call for almond flour I only use Honeyville brand almond flour. Be sure to use the flour and note if you try to substitute with almond meal you will not get the same consistency you are hoping for. Almond meal has a grainy texture.  You will have tiny bits of almonds in your baked goods. Some of you might like that but if you are looking for a flour substitute always get almond flour not meal. 
Here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow religiously:
Real Sustenance
Against All Grain
Urban Poser
The Gluten Free Homemaker
Civilized Caveman 
These are some of the recipes I've made from the Against All Grain blog and the Real Sustenance Blog.  These ladies have it all together and their recipes never fail.  Right now I have more pictures of Real Sustenance recipes but look out because I recently received my Against All Grain Cookbook and I have many, many pages marked.  Buy the Against All Grain Cookbook here.

Real Sustenance Strawberry Shortcake Monkey Bread Cupcakes

Real Sustenance Grain Free Thick Crust Pizza (mine made as Buffalo Pizza)

Real Sustenance Strawberry Chocolate Chip Powdered Donuts

Hopefully as I continue blogging the picture quality will get better.  We just bought a new camera so I'm trying learn.  So much stuff to do and work a full time job also.  Too bad I have to work so I can have fun in my kitchen.

Below is a picture of my packing for our family vacation.  I took my favorite mixes with me so I didn't have to be left out of any of the yummy meals we made.  This little extra bit of prep time was well worth it.  In fact I've decided to make a couple of these for those busy work nights when I just feel too tired to cook.  I made notes on the baggies of what wet ingredients needed to be added. and the cooking instructions and TA-DA I have food that will nourish me and not make me ill at my fingertips. 

I hope you try some of the recipes above.  They are delicious and husband approved and being husband approved means a lot in my household.  

Vacation Paleo Mixes packed up and ready for the road.

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