Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've been MIA

I have gone off the Blogger Grid.  I haven't read blogs, written on this blog or even searched for new fun blogs to follow.  My life has been utter chaos and I let it get out of control.  Well no more.  I take my life back and I take it back NOW! 

Things I have to re-learn all the time:

        I will never be done with work.  I will never be caught up.  When you run a lean ship and the problems never stop coming in the work will  not cease.  It's like laundry, if you aren't a nudist then you will never be done with your laundry.  Go home and rest so you can do your best tomorrow.

       If I die tomorrow they will find some other fool to do this job.  I am replaceable.  There isn't another one like me out there and they won't find someone who cares as much as I do but they will replace me and I am OK with that.

       If I don't do something for fun everyday I will turn into a grouchy, crabby, crotchety old woman.  Fun should be had everyday regardless of what form it comes in.  Maybe its a good memory, a funny picture from the Internet, a good joke or singing your favorite song.  Maybe it's making your favorite dish of food or starting a new craft.  Do something you enjoy everyday.

       Stay connected to God - if you have time to get on Pinterest you have time to talk to God.  God is waiting for you to have a relationship with him, he is always there.  He never leaves your side.  I am reminded of this when I see my cat sitting on the bed post in the morning when I wake up.  He is always watching over me, ready and waiting just for me.

Now time to journal about what your are thankful or grateful for and count your blessings.  Life is Amazing!