Monday, August 27, 2012

What a weekend...

                                    Here's a little teaser for my posts to come this week.

I had an amazing weekend of cooking, baking and crafting.  Some of my absolute favorite things to do.  There is something about chopping vegetables that lowers my blood pressure.  Maybe it's a power trip thing, having that control over the knife.  Who knows but I love it.

                     I made one of my favorite Pork Chop recipes for dinner for me and the hubby.

                    I made a baseball wreath for my sister in laws birthday who is a huge baseball fan.

                            And here is the cake my niece made, she is an awesome baker.

                        I created a new shortbread recipe with almond and coconut flour.

I made homemade cashew butter, delicous and I made a gluten free, grain free bread recipe from Against All Grain.  It is delicious but it didn't rise as well as I thought it should so I will have to try it again.  It's probably because I used homemade cashew butter.
I also attempted a pumpkin flavored donut but it failed miserably.  But I am not giving up.  I will try it again.

                                        Come back this week to check out all the deatils.

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