Friday, August 3, 2012

The Best Gluten Free Angel Food cake ever!

We have recently been blessed with lots and lots of farm fresh eggs.  They are the most beautiful eggs I have seen in a long time.  But I was taxed on what to do with so many fresh eggs.  The decision was not terribly hard.  Make a homemade angel food cake.  But then the next challenge arose.  Can you even make one gluten free and if you do will it be any good?  So enter the Internet and reading several different recipes trying to decide which one to try first, because I just knew I wouldn't choose the right one first and it would fail. 

I was wrong!  I picked one and it was Wonderful.  How did I choose this One recipe to try.  Well, I liked the list of ingredients.  That may sound weird to you but when I read a recipe I can tell whether or not I would like the taste of it.  Another major plus was that I had all of those ingredients on hand. When you live 20 miles from the nearest grocery store that a huge plus.  Also, I had been flowing this blog where the recipe was posted for quite a while now and I really enjoy her recipes.

So all the credit for this recipe goes to "The Gluten-Free Homemaker" and her wonderful blog.  My pictures are contained in this post but to get the recipe and for even better pictures please go to her site listed here

Linda's site is beautiful and such a joy to read.  Thank you Linda for creating this recipe.  My husband is really happy also.

Look at these egg whites!  All whipped into submission and soooooo glossy.  I get so excited every time I make this cake when I get to this stage I stop and stare at the beautiful glossy, stiff but fluffy egg whites.

It doesn't get much better than this.  How beautiful are those brown peaks.  And it also smells heavenly while baking.  You truly won't know that this is gluten free.

Now I failed to gather any other pictures because I was just too excited.  See once I took it out of the oven and let it cool (which is terribly hard to wait for) my husband and I dove right in.  To see finished pictures of the cake please go to The Gluten-Free Homaker link above.  Her pictures are so much better than mine.  I have even taken this cake to family functions where I am the only Gluten-Free person around and everyone has been amazed that it is GF.  The texture is perfect like a "real" angel food cake.  The taste is also perfect, just like the real thing.  So if you have been missing angel food cake since starting your Gluten-Free journey wait no more and make this cake today.



  1. The recipe is attached to the word "here" above in blue. This is not my recipe and I don't have permission to post it to my site. Here is the whole link :