Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paleo Diet - week 2

So week 1 went about as expected.  I started off like gangbusters and slowly but gradually went downhill.  I didn't completely fall off the wagon but I had a few moments of weakness.  Also, I am still learning about what's permitted and what isn't.  I am not using that as an excuse at all.  I know corn is absolutely not permitted but I had sweet corn fresh from my garden twice.  And let me just say it was delicious.  The corn is gone now so hopefully that temptation has been put away.

I also messed up and had some rice in the form of sushi.  It was absolutely wonderful sushi, especially for such a small town.  However, I don't know if it was the fish or the rice but my body didn't react well at all.  I was itchy, irritable, and had terrible abdominal discomfort and really bad diahearha.  I had managed to not have any rice for at least a week and a half prior to this little induldgence.  No one else felt bad after eating the sushi and we all ate the same food because we laid it out family style.  My gut tells me it was the rice.  How amazing is that.  Our bodies truly are a wonderous miracle.

Because I have Hashimoto's disease I have days of severe brain fog.  These days are terrible.  It makes working in the IT Dept very bad because you need to think and think quickly.  There is thought that eliminating all gluten containing grains that the brain fog will go away.  If it does go away then the sacrifice is all worth it. 

My goal is to go at least 30 days grain free and see how well I am doing, mentally and physically.  I know I can do it so I am not really frustrated with my below par performance last week.  I forgive myself.

So I am back it for week 2, trying to behave, giving my body the test to see how it reacts.  I am back to searching Pinterest and reading lots of wonderful Blogs (my favorite is the Urban Poser). 

Hopefully I will also slow down enough to listen to my body and see how it reacts.

I'll check back in with week 3.

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