Friday, August 17, 2012

Grain Free Deep Dish Pizza Crust

As I surf the Internet and all the wonderful blogs I have really enjoyed Brittany Angell's "Real Sustenance" site.  Her journey through the Gluten Free world and now entering the world of all that is Grain Free is a delight to read and always makes my mouth water with her beautiful photos of her delightful recipes.

Last week I was looking at Brittany's site and noticed her recipe for Grain Free Think Crust Pizza.  I currently have a really yummy Gluten Free pizza crust recipe that we all really enjoy at our house but it is not Grain Free and now that I am  on the Paleo diet I needed to start searching again.  I was really thrilled to find Brittany's post on this pizza crust. 

Here are some of my pictures from our night of pizza delight.  Her recipe was absolutely delicous and nice and thick as desired. 

If you want the recipe please go to Brittany's site and get her recipe in full by clicking here.

We topped our pizza with sauce, turkey sausage, peppers fresh from the garden and pepperoni.  These slices are from the hubby's side because they have the delicious melted cheese.  My half had a lot less cheese and didn't make as pretty a picture.  :) 

                                   We will definitely be making this crust again, very soon.


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