Monday, August 6, 2012

GF Italian Focaccia Bread

I have so dearly missed good bread since embarking on my gluten free journey.  I read lots of GF bread recipes and most just don't resonate with me.  I guess I've had enough failures that I just am afraid to try many of them anymore.  But I guess I didn't give up all together because when I found this recipe posted by the Gluten Free Goddess I simply couldn't resist. 

Please go to her site to get the recipe and see her beautiful pictures here.

Mixing the dry ingredients

Proofing the yeast - then added the liquid ingredients

All mixed up and ready to bake.

Go to the Gluten Free Goddess' page to see the finished product and for this delicious recipe here.

FYI - this also passed the husband test, as he does not have to adhere to the Gluten Free diet.  He has already requested this bread to be baked again.  I think next time I will try this recipe with different spices to add to my recipe collection.

Enjoy !

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