Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gluten Free Traveling - Go Picinic

If any of you travel even a little bit you know that you get hungry while on the road.  I have to travel for work at least once a month and many times more than that.  So I am always looking for GF friendly snacks that fit into all my other special dietary needs.  While in the Denver airport a month ago I noticed the Go Picnic brand Gluten Free meals.  What a Fantastic Idea!  Each meal contains a protein, some GF crackers, fruit gummies or applesauce, a salty snack and a sweet snack.  Here is the one that I had and enjoyed.

The Turkey Stick and Crunch.  And it was good.  Now there's a shocker.  For about $5 you get everything pictured on the box.  Nice little snack size portions too so you don't bust your calorie budget for the day.  I will admit that the cookie in this pack is a little grainy ( I still haven't gotten used to the Rice Flour grainess it adds to baking ) but the taste was good. 

They have several varieties available, even a Tuna version, but I wasn't brave enough to take Tuna on the plane in case it smelled like strong Tuna.  I will try that one from home just to be sure.  I love Tuna but if you've ever been on a plane and someone brings something on (like grilled onions and peppers ) then it permiates the entire plane and doesn't smell nearly as good as it did in the restaurant.

Too be completely honest - I would've LOVED to have had a giant piece of pizza, but, it isn't worth the terrible tummy ache or the accompanying terrible bouts of diahreahha that follow.  So I remind myself "Pizza BAD! - Gluten Free - GOOD!!!!" 

Sometimes when you've been GF for a long time you forget how bad you feel when exposed to Gluten.  For me, it only takes one quick reminder to learn that lesson all over again.

Good luck travelers, and be sure to look for these handy little snacks while jet setting around the world.


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