Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Burlap Wreath

A big Mid-western thanks goes out to Laurie at gallamorewest.  Her inspiring red burlap heart wreath led me to try my own.  Laurie has way more cute decorating stuff on her site so please go check it out
 I had been shopping for quite a few weeks looking for a Valentine wreath but couldn't find anything that tickled my fancy or could make me fork over $50 for a wreath I could make myself..  This wreath cost me about $6 to make.  Thanks to pinterest and Laurie at Gallamorewest  I thought I would give this wreath a try.

Materials include:
- 1 wire hanger (bent into the shape of a heart and untwisted)
- 1 yard of Burlap (cut into 3-4 inch strips)
- decorative ribbon

First I took my burlap and very sloppily cut it into 3-4 inch strips.  You can tell my cuts were pretty sloppy but with this wreath you can't tell at all.  The edges will fray, but that helps give it a rustic appearance.

Start threading your burlap strips onto your hanger.  Just poke it thru the burlap, fold it over and poke it through again.  Keep making your accordion type folds and poking thru the burlap with fold.  This just threads the burlap right onto the wire hanger. 

Keep threading on your burlap strips until your wire is as full as you would like it.  Mine took almost my whole yard of fabric.

Once you have your wire nice full of burlap twist the ends of the wire hanger back together.  Bend your wire into a better heart shape if needed.  Mine was really easy to bend and I did all the bending with my bare hands.

Add a bow for embellishment and I added a ribbon hanger for mine also.  Do whatever you need to in order to hang your latest creation.

And hang your beautiful new wreath.  I gave my wreath a little "haircut" before hanging it.  Some of the burlap pieces that frayed got a bit long but i am really happy with how it turns out.  I wish I would've found some colored burlap but the red bow helps you realize it's for Valentines day.  I even tried dyeing the burlap but it came out more of a Burgundy than red, and after that  I was just too lazy.
Thanks again Laurie for inspiring me to get back into crafting.
Happy Crafting.

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