Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Gluten Connection

I've been thinking a lot about what I should about and share with you on my Gluten Free Journey.  So let's just start at the beginning.
My journey to diagnosis took about 5 years.  I had 2 colonoscopies (without any GF or Celiac testing), these tests were done before I ever knew to ask for the Celiac test.  Both of these tests came back negative.  "You have a very pink and healthy looking colon and tract" they would tell me. Heck they even showed me pictures, (yeah it was weird looking at your insides) it did appear to be pink and healthy.  IF I am so "healthy" why all the terrible diarrhea, gas and bloating.  Dr said it must be irritable colon or could be irritable bowel.  Well as the weeks turned into months and the months turned into years I was overwhelmingly irritable.
Many Great Thanks go out to my Naturopath Chiropractor Dr. Diana Franklin in Illinois.  She gave me a fantastic book to read "The Gluten Connection" by Shari Lieberman.  If you even think you might be Gluten Intolerant you need to read this book.  I am not a scientist and I was able to understand this book.  Even if you aren't the one with the diagnosis this will help you understand how Gluten affects the ones you love.
Her  first test for me was to simply avoid eating any gluten for a month.  If you don't know it already Gluten is in EVERYTHING that is processed.  What a shocker it is to learn that.  Was avoiding Gluten for a whole month easy - NOPE - it was hard.  I love pizza, pasta and bread, oh how I love bread.  I make some of the counties most loved homemade cinnamon rolls and now I cannot eat them.  That is another story.  I did however feel better avoiding all things Gluten.  In fact every month I stayed Gluten Free I felt better.  I never would've dreamed this wheat by-product could be such a demon.  I still to this day have to tell myself what kind of foods I CAN have, I cannot allow myself to focus on what I can't.  I can have all the meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit I would like to eat.  Just don't cover them in breading and deep fry them.  Heck that isn't good for you anyway.  So grab a copy of this book and devour it (with your eyes :) ) and don't feel you have to read the chapters in order.  Read what you want to know, you can always come back and pick up the rest later, it may not all interest you and some of it does get a little technical.
You can do it - you are not alone.  NO more pitty parties - God is giving you a choice for a Healthy YOU!

Inspiration - Don't ask God why? he put you in this situation, ask yourself why not be in this situation?  You can do anything thru God.

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