Thursday, December 15, 2016

I Lost My Job?!?! And New Opportunities!

Life has been crazy for me these past few months.  So let’s get all caught up.

In April this year I was let go from my job of 16 years.  It was a shock and somewhat expected at the same time.  The company was going thru some erratic restructuring so I was concerned that I could be affected.  I think the worst of it was because it wasn’t on my terms.

During this time away from a J-O-B I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I’ve done a month Miracle Morning challenge and let me tell you, you want to learn something about yourself you need to do this program.  The affirmations, the self development time, meditation, and time for gratitude is good for everyone.

During the Miracle Morning challenge I also learned that I put almost all of my personal identity into my job.  Why, you may ask?  Insecurity I’m sure, not having my own children to keep me involved in a community, having a successful husband whom everyone loves.  My job gave me an opportunity to be important to something.  Now don’t get me wrong, my husband loves me and I know I am his world as he is mine, but when you don’t have children of your own as a woman in this society you then have to find a way to find where you deliver value.  Fast forward 16 years and I’ve engrossed myself in a job that was sucking the life out of me and I was letting it.

Now, during that 16 years I also searched for self development and leadership skills and found Michael Hyatt’s podcast “This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt”.  Michael’s podcast changed the way I handled myself at work and gave me tons of tools that helped me with leadership skills I wasn’t learning elsewhere.  It gave me hope, it helped me dream. My life could be better if I was strong and courageous.

Something else I learned during this time off from a J-O-B was that I need to spend more time setting goals and stop letting my life drift away with the flow of life.  I had been letting life happen to me and it’s time for that to stop.  I hate confrontation, I hate conflict, but life is conflicted sometimes, and it’s ugly and dirty and I have to face it head on.  Everyone has these problems and some of us deal with it well and others don’t.  I honestly had a bad habit of just letting things go because if I didn’t deal with it then I wouldn’t get stressed.  Stupid right?  Really stupid!  I am guilty of doing what’s easy, not what’s needed.  This is something I have to work on everyday and I don’t like this about myself.

After learning all of this I’ve decided to partner up with Michael Hyatt and promote his 5 Days Ever to Your Best Year Course.  I did not take this opportunity last year but this year I am all over it.  It’s time for me to stop drifting and it’s time for me start charting the course and captain my ship.  I’m making a ton of changes in my life and it’s scary and it’s hard but it’s worth it.

I share all of this with you because I know that I am not alone in this, I know that many of you would love this opportunity also.  I wish I could say I do everything perfectly and I don’t have troubles and I get everything done on time, I don’t.  This is hard for me to share with the world but here it is.  

I pray you join me on this adventure, today is the day to start being the captain of your ship.    

Here are the details for this course.  

In this link you will find frequently asked questions about this opportunities, testimonials where people have doubled their income in one year, lost tremendous amounts of weight, and inspiration from all corners of the world.  If your questions aren’t answered in this link please reach out to me.

Today is the last day for this opportunity!  Please don’t let it slip by.  This opportunity only comes around once a year.  Take a chance on yourself.

You are worth it.  Do it for yourself.  This helps you be better for all the ones who love you and need you.